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Live Oak campground in Mt. Diablo State Park
Date: 06/20/17
Time: 9:00 am
What we are doing:
I got the following message from Mark Sinclair, so the weed whipping on the Tassajara Creek Trail has been changed.

From Mark,  I haven’t been paying much attention to long range forecasts except to know it will be hot for a couple days.  Last night I saw during the news that Tuesday will be the 4th day of 4 consecutive 100 degree days.  We definitely will not be using power tools that day.  So we will be postponing working on Tassajara Trail.
As an alternative we will go to Live Oak campground where it is cooler and has lots of shade and water. 
There are many things we can do there.  We can chip a big pile of branches from the big oak tree that fell in the lower campsite.  We can also replace missing bollards and paint all of the bollards.  We may be able to do some weed whipping in the morning, and also remove a large tree that fell last year and has kept one of the campsites closed.
Mark Sinclair
Park Maintenance Worker / Trails Coordinator
Mount Diablo State Park
O:  925-837-6122
C:  925-876-0505
If you don't have a park pass and are stopped at the entrance, just tell the person there that you are working with Mark Sinclair at Live Oak Camp Ground and there will be NO entrance fee.

Sorry for the change again, but the heat got us this time.

John Van Heertum

If you have any questions, contact the crew chief for this project:




Directions to the staging area:

To get to Live Oak Camp Ground if you come in on South Gate Rd then when you get to Rock City head up to the upper parking lot and follow the sign down the other side to the camp ground. If you come in on North Gate Rd, turn right at the junction ranger station and head down the hill until you get to Rock City and take the first paved road up to the upper parking lot and then follow the sign to the Live Oak Camp Ground.


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Last modified: 6/16/17